Water Cooler, Water Dispenser

Water Cooler Or Water Dispenser: Which Is Best For You?

Are you fed with piling up the water bottles in your kitchen?

If yes, then get a water cooler or water dispenser asap.

To be honest, I myself didn’t know about these discoveries before, until recently when my husband bought one water dispenser home. He later mentioned the confusion he went through between the cooler and dispenser. Both of them are almost similar in working, so how to know the best suitable for home?

This gave me the inspiration to research, and offer you the right guide for the selection.

Water Cooler Or Water Dispenser

Water Cooler Or Water Dispenser: Which Is Best For You?

When you go by the names,

Water Cooler – a device or setup that dispenses out cool water with the help of an electric water cooler inside.

Water Dispenser – it helps with simply dispensing out water at room temperature for you.

Ease of Usage

With the help of the water coolers, you can get cool water instantly without waiting for a while.

Freestanding vs Countertop Model

No matter which model you choose, there should be one electric outlet near to the dispenser or cooler. If you are running short on space, then a countertop model would be a better choice. Although water dispensed out in this, won’t be much cold due to the compact compressors. On the other hand, the freestanding models give faster access to cold water than the countertop systems.

Another point to note, go for the models that have stainless steel on the interior portion. This eliminates the plastic taste in the water, that is usually found in most of the water bottles.

Now, you see, there are dispensers with the cold and hot water settings.

You may ask like, which one should I go for?

The main purpose of both models remain the same, and that is- to dispense water. It depends on how you are planning to use the dispenser/cooler after the installation.