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The Lowdown on Sunbeam Water Dispenser Line


After doing a few days worth of research, it seems that the Sunbeam Water Dispenser line has gained a lot of popularity over the years even though you don’t find many full sized units on the market anymore. Let’s take a look at a couple of the features that Sunbeam paved the way for in the contemporary water cooler.

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First of all, some Sunbeam dispensers feature a refrigeration compartment (similar to what you would find in a small fridge or even one of the fancier ceramic water dispenser units), allowing you to save space by cooling perishable foods along with its usual function as an H2O dispenser.

This kind of amenity is perfect for a home or office where space is at a premium and having a separate mini-fridge and water cooler just isn’t an option. I’ve personally used one of these Sunbeam units in a friend’s office, and I must say that I was quite impressed with the space savings that they were able to pull off! Finally, keep in mind that a non-refrigerated model is available as well.

This gives you the option of saving money on a feature that may not fit your particular needs.

Space savings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Sunbeam unit’s features, though. A helpful set of indicator lights on the unit will show whether it’s heating or cooling something.

This will save quite a bit of time and allow you to get a read on the unit’s mode of operation without having to open it up and check. I’m surprised that more water cooler / dispenser companies aren’t doing this, but Sunbeam seems to lead the pack in this respect.

Speaking of savings, the Sunbeam unit’s quality is so high that the water can be used for both cooking and drinking. A multifunctional unit of this kind would have practically been considered magic just a few years ago because of limitations in the underlying technology. Since then, quite a bit of progress have been made with the materials that these devices are constructed from.

I expect some interesting developments in this field to occur over the next few years, but in my opinion there is no better time in history than right now to invest in a high quality dispenser, whether it’s a Sunbeam or other similar unit.

So there you have it, Sunbeam dispensers are apparently ahead of the curve when it comes to saving space, time, and perhaps most importantly, money. Of course, the best part of having a water cooler around is health: The benefits of drinking water are huge, but unfortunately many people seem to forget this simple method for keeping their bodies and minds in peak condition.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on what Sunbeam is cooking up next, but they’re probably not going to release a full sized unit like the Sunbeam H20 Tri Function Water Dispenser any time soon. The best bang for the buck for most situations will be something like the Avanti Water Dispenser Pedestal package that I linked to earlier.